A story about Mandalas

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The word “mandala” comes from a Sanskrit language and it means circle or center. Mandala is known as a drawing used as a symbol of the Universe in meditation that connects us with our inner soul and Divinity.

As discovered through time mandalas are found in many different cultures, religions and fields, like psychology as a method of self-expression with a healing effect.  

What was even more interesting for me is that the mandala is not only a human creation and expression through different forms. Mandalas are find in the whole creation, till the smallest atom.


In our day’s mandalas are used for meditation and as form of therapy in the healing process. There are three ways in which you can use them: by contemplating them as form of meditation, coloring them and/or creating them.

I started with the coloring as I felt it was simpler for me at that time, but the moment came when I felt I need it more so I started searching ways on how to create my own mandalas.

From my experience no matter what option you choose the important thing is to trust and follow your intuition.

In the present moment I am using three ways in which I create a mandala: by drawing an intuitive pattern, by using natural elements in creating a mandala or by using the method developed by Irsula Irrgang for creating Light mandalas.

During my EVS project I had the opportunity to also be a facilitator for five workshops, two official ones as part of my project activities in the organizations, one during the On arrival training, one during a summer camp for the mothers present there and one during the training “Connection with nature”. In total there were around 40 people who participated at my workshops and for whom I am grateful for their presence and openness in exploring this method.

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“When it comes to mandala there are different effects that it has on us when we work with them, as healing, harmony, relaxation and peace with ourselves. By working with mandalas we bring balance between the two brain hemispheres, the masculine and the feminine, between reason and sense and we connect with our inner self, so our mind becomes calmer, we think more positively and our body get in a state of harmony and healing.”

When I started creating mandalas I wasn’t aware of its healing effects, I did them as a form of art, as I was fascinated by their symmetry and beauty. In time I become aware that I felt more creative, calm and relaxed and at the same time more focused and present when creating them, so I continued doing them also for this reasons and as a form of connecting with my inner self and the things that I want in my life like happiness, health, love etc.

From my perspective anyone can create a mandala, there is no need for artistic talent in creating a mandala, if you feel to do it, just do it – experience for yourself and don’t take this words for granted, as the experience is the best teacher. You can look at some photos and/or tutorials for inspiration, but in the end don’t forget is your mandala so follow your intuition when drawing a line or adding a color.

If you decide to work with mandalas, as a way to connect with yourself my recommendations are:

  • to create a space around you that makes you feel safe and relaxed, you can use music, candles and/or aromatherapy, etc.
  • to practice mindfulness while doing it – to pay attention at your thoughts and feelings, but don’t get attached by them, observe them and let them go in the exhale – remember to breath consciously and stay in the present moment.
  • to follow the principle of mandala: As above, so below; as in the right, so in the left, as within, so without.
  • to not compare your mandala with others. As the mandala is not just a painting to put on the wall, is an expression of your soul and is beautiful as it is. Be kind with yourself.
  • to pay attention of how it makes you feel. If you have feelings that you don’t understand you can burn it and flush it, and ask the divinity to transform it.
  • to enjoy the process – is your moment with yourself.

If you feel to show me your mandalas and/or to talk more about it, feel free to write me at: maria.hretculesei@gmail.com.

With love,

Maria Hretculesei, ICM Prostějov