Connection with nature

Coonection with nature 01

Once upon there was a girl, looking for her place in this world and how she can bring her contribution for a better world. In her search she discovered a project, the Achieve project. She felt that this project might help her in finding what she’s looking for, so she sent her application and not long after, she received the answer that she was accepted, you can’t imagine how big was her joy in that moment.

The adventure started and step by step she was introduced to eco-soul centric and positive psychology development and an inside journey towards self-discovery. While taking part at the activities, like talking to a tree, daily yoga and meditation, fasting, spending solo time in nature, deep and meaningful conversations on topics like, happiness, trust, love, inner strengths and mindfulness, the way of council, the dance in darkness and other rituals and exercises – she became more and more fascinated of this world and the healing and transformational power that nature has on us. Through this project was also showed and expressed the mastery of the three skillful trainers.Connection with nature 02

The girl of our story was so touched by this experience that she felt at the same time grateful, excited and empowered. So she wanted to show to the world a bit of what she experienced. She didn’t have a plan for it, but she knew in her heart she wants to do something similar, so that more and more people find out and (re)discover the magic powers of nature in their journey towards authenticity.Connection with nature 03

As mystery works in magical ways, so it happened that the things arranged by itself like the pieces of a puzzle one by one, connecting and forming the final image. First she went in a journey. During her travel she met a girl, a girl that reminded her of a younger version of herself. The girls became friends and so while talking one time, they realized they are connected by their love for nature and so they decided to make an event together, an Achieve inspired event – Connection with nature.Connection with nature 04

The girls put their ideas in order and started planning and preparing and the day came for the event to happen. The participants started arriving one by one and soon they stepped into the world of the Wanderer. They had to identify themselves in a natural object and experiencing journaling, practice daily rituals, involve in acts of volunteering, allow themselves to be free to observe and explore the nature with their senses or engage in deep conversations. create a natural mandala as their expression of connection with nature and connect with their inner selves, needs and desires, by writing a letter for themselves.

The girl of our story felt her heart jumping with joy when she saw at the end of these journey that the eyes of the participants were sparkling with joy and gratitude and to hear words of gratitude for the moments spent together in these journey and the chance to connect both with nature and other people at a deeper level. And then she realized that we as people strive for a deeper connection, with ourselves, nature and others in order to meet our need for belonging and relationship bonding.Connection with nature 05

As earlier I mentioned the puzzle pieces that fall into place – so the girl realized, inspired by the mastery of this three trainers and other magical people that appeared along her life path, that all her life experiences, knowledge and insights gathered till now got her to this point where she knows her place in this world is to be there for other people to guide them in their own journey in achieving their dreams and create the space for them to (re)find and express the unique power within themselves.

To be continued…

Autor: Maria Hretculesei
Stanislava Rotterová, regionální redaktor, ICM Prostějov