Have you already tried travelling by Bla Bla Car? I have.

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Marjorie Bonnefoy, ICM Prostějov

I went to spend holidays in Slovenia with my cousin. For this, we looked for a way to go in Maribor. We wanted a means of transport cheap and practical. The website www.blablacar.cz is ideal.     

03 Bla Bla CarUsually, I use this way in France. I remember the first time I was passenger and I wanted to visit my friend who lives around 1 hour by car from my town. I did not have my driving licence yet and the train was expensive. I discovered Bla Bla Car because there is a lot of publicity and it is very common in France to use it. So I joined the website and I found my first trip. It was a really nice woman. We spoke about the life and we had many laughs.

After this experience, I met many people thanks to Bla Bla Car, even if I had my driving license. Sometimes I’m a passenger, sometimes I drive. For example when I wanted to go to my school, I had to drive two hours. When I share my car, I can enjoy spending this time speaking with new people – I met interesting and different new friends. Then, if there are two of them, I can pay my diesel for the trip!  They gave me 6 euros unlike 30 euros for the train.

Bla Bla Car suits everybody. The driver can pay his fuels or the motorway and it’s totally cheap for the passengers.

In the website, you can read recommendations and references of the drivers and decide your future car share. Also, you have to write a presentation of yourself. Like this, you can choose if you want to travel with a man, a woman, with many people …

I had never met a bad person. Most of the time, they pick up you where you want. The atmosphere is friendly and we learn a lot thanks to the exchanges. One time, I had a trip during ten hours (to go to Prague) and the man who went to Ukraine had prepared a sandwich for himself, his son, and me!

I thinks it’s very interesting to use Bla Bla Car in Czech Republic because it’s near many countries. It can be really useful for young people to travel. For me, it’s also important for the environment and it can reduce traffic.

To sum up, I advise to try Bla Bla Car. I can’t imagine someone who does not like it.

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Autor: Marjorie Bonnefoy

Fotografie: https://www.blablacar.cz/,