Moje první dny v České republice


My name is Shahe Yesaian and I am 22 years old from Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.

I used to study in Armenia Art history and theory. During my school years I also went to drawing lessons, where I learned all my main knowledge about practical art or drawing technics. I was good in Mathematics, but as an exception I ended up with following to the artistic sphere, because art had its own influence on the view that I have about life now. As a creator of graphic pieces I thought studying art history could fulfill my knowledge in art, symbolism and make me understand different cultures by its unique way and that’s why one of the first thing that attracted my attention about Czech Republic was The Gothic Architecture.2kladno

One of the main purpose to choose Czech republic was to know myself in different culture and meet a lot of people from different part of the world. I was happy that I was welcomed by nice people in Czech Republic.
The city I live in is called Kladno, which is not far from Prague. It is a small and calm city with 70 000 population and is rich by huge forests. Sometimes I had problem with communicating because the level of English knowledge was not perfect, but I am already taking my first steps in Czech language.

I will be volunteering for one year in Kladno and share my experience that I will gain in EU as an EVS volunteer. If you like to know more about my experience and myself then see you very soon 

Shahe from ICM Kladno