SZIGET, Island of freedom – the biggest festival in Europe

05 Color party in front of the mainstage

01 SZIGET - logoEach year, in Budapest, there is the bigger festival of Europe. During one week, the largest Danubian island of Obuda is transformed. We visited it this summer for three days (12.-14. August).


To begin, me and my cousin Marion found this festival on the Internet. We bought three tickets in July to see this event. It was a bit late so the tickets were more expensive: one cost 60 euros per day. If you want to pay less, you have to buy your ticket in the end of the year (December). In this time, you can go for the week for 230 euros.

We invited our friend Simona, also EVS volunteer in the Czech Republic, if she wants to come with us. We found a blablacar (carsharing) from Brno to Budapest at 4 a.m. on Friday. So, we leaft together on Thursday night to sleep in Brno – we spent the night at our friend place.

In the morning, when we heard the alarm, we were so excited! We joined the Polish guy of blablacar: let’s go to the Sziget! The guy was very friendly. We spoke all the trip so it was really fast. After arrival to Budapest we took a lot of transports (metro and tram) to go in the island. It’s was easy to find because there were posters of the festival everywhere in the city.

Finally, we were there!!! At first, we went to exchange our tickets to have a festival bracelets. After, we needed to put our cash in a card. In fact, it’s impossible to pay by cash in the festival. You get a card (bail of 500 forintz) and you keep it all the festival. It’s more practical because the money of Hungary is low: one euro is 310 hungarian forints so we were afraid to loose the bills.

02 SZIGET passportSZIGET passport

The first question we had: where we can sleep in the tent? Usually you can put your tent where you want, so we found a small place.

After building the tent, we were impatient to discover everythings and we were not disappointed! It was totally gigantic J We saw a place to do yoga, a place to do worskshops, a beach, many scenes, some bars, typical food,… It was full of colors with music everywhere.

03 Camping SZIGETCamping SZIGET


The concerts start at 4.p.m. Before, we spent a time to drink a beer (2-3 euros) and to visit the island. I’m use to visit a lot of festivals in France but there is no comparison with that.

We chose to see Jain, a french singer so we went to find the scene and we waited until the first song. It was magical. There was not a lot of people because she is not famous in Europe, but it was worth it. After this, we mooved for a new scene to see Manu Chao. We were a bit disappointed with this concert because both of us like this artist but he was not amazing like we expected.

Finally, we went to sleep around 7 a.m. because we met many people. Everybody there was friendly and sociable, everybody speaks with everybody! We were surprised because there was a lot of French people. They come by plane and take all the week to enjoy this event.

The second day started with a shower. We stood in a line almost two hours because everybody wanted to take a shower in the morning… Anyway, after this, we decided to eat so we bought typical hungary food and it was really good.

04 SZIGET beachSziget beach


This day was more or less like the first. We slept a bit during the afternoon in the « beach » and we looked for some sport. In fact, there was a place where people played basket ball, beach volley, badminton, …

Around 6 p.m, we participated at the color party. It was INCREDIBLE! We saw nothing and we were totally colored. After this, the concerts started. We saw Muse, the famous rock group and again, we met people from everywhere – Italy, Ireland, France, Hungary, Spanish, …

05 Color party in front of the mainstage

Color party in front of the mainstage

The last day was really hard, we were so tired but still motivated! We did yoga in the morning to be relax. In the aternoon, we saw a percussion show. It was in the middle of the street with a very beautiful atmosphere. We appreciated a lot this moment.

During the last evening, we decided to discover new music. We saw an Israeli and Algerian artists. It was like to travel in this countries. We also discovered the classic music, which was really amazing. At 4 a.m., after the last day, we went to sleep.

It was so sad to quit the festival. We were hitchhiking and we found five Indian who went to Poland. They took us from Budapest to Brno and after we found other car to Prostejov.

In brief, it was an FABULOUS experience. If you love the music, to meet people from everywhere and to discover activities you have to go to the Sziget ! For me, the only problem is the price but it worth the effort. I understand why it’s called the island of liberty. You can do what you want, when you want!


Autor: Marjorie Bonnefoy

Fotografie: Marjorie Bonnefoy,

Anna Müllerová, regionální redaktor, ICM Prostějov


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