Traditional Czech cuisine by Shahe from Armenia


One of the reasons that I was so inspired to come to Czech republic was traditional Czech cuisine. And now I the honour to taste and feel my self more than full. 

Traditional Czech food can’t really described as dietary or very healthy, however, I still feel the sweet taste in some food sauces, which goes extremely good with Czech beer.

In Czech cuisine most of the dishes consist beef or pork with plenty of sauce with knedliky (dumplings) as the most common side dish. I don’t know what makes this dumplings to taste so soft and tasty with the tasty sauce that I heard there was no special name of that.

If you are thinking now about svíčková na smetaně, then you are on the right way. 

This dish touched to my heart because of the softness of knedliky, beef, which I like very much (yes, I am not a vegeterian) and of course the inseperable sweet sauce. I think this sauce is the reason that makes this dish to  taste rich.  I heard svíčková  means beef and sometimes it also means a dish.

One can argue, whether this dish is actually a Hungarian, Slovak or Czech dish, however, this traditional flavoured meal is served almost in every Czech restaurant and since I tried  this is my favourite dish in Czech republic.

As much I write about this dish i become more hungry. So better to go and enjoy it once again. Hope this dish will be in your wish listin the coming days and don’t forget to take it with beer.

Dobrou chuť. 

Shahe za tým ICM Kladno